Get Your Grief On - Conscious Grieving

January 28, 2010
Did you know American society only let's us grieve and mourn for about three days?  I know that our family had many challenges trying to figure out how to get back to "normal" in a very short amount of time after the death of our sister.  We were tackling post-traumatic stress disorder, legal proceedings, relocation to new places and many other changes after her death.  Many co-workers and friends couldn't figure out why we  just couldn't  pull ourselves together.  For society to expect a recovery in just a few days is unacceptable - and unrealistic.
Instead, we are giving you permission to consciously grieve your loss.  What this means is, well, it's different for everyone.  However, the main concept is the same.  Permit yourself to consciously feel the pain - and the love - you are feeling in the present moment.  Have you ever been shopping in a store and then you hear a song that reminds you of your loved one?  Celebrate it and really feel their love for you.  Pay attention to the Universe's reminders and listen to your heart as you journey consciously on a healthy path.  And, if you don't know where to start then be sure to get in touch with a professional counselor who specializes in holistic grief theories.
One thing to remember is that it is important to be patient with yourself.  Grief is complicated.  It manifests in different shapes and sizes depending on when, where and how your loved one died.  Sometimes it's hard to tackle because of the circumstances.  One of our friends shared with us the challenges of her stillborn baby's birth.  Her child was never given a birth was like her baby's birth never happened.  Our friend told us that some of her friends didn't know what to say and that some of her family members said nothing to her after the funeral.  She is currently writing a book to share her experiences and help others in the same situation.
Luna's Light has developed conscious grieving tools that can help anyone who has lost a loved one.  When we design our gifts, our initial intention is to give the person using them the permission to express their grief .  This is the number one purpose of our gifts.  Through personal experience we understand how difficult it can be to "grin and bear it" on special occasions or the anniversary of our sister's death - and it's been almost seven years since she has left us.
One of the best  ways to begin to consciously grieve is to show the world you have lost someone by wearing the Universal Grieving Symbol pin.  It is the easiest way to check-in with your feelings, and if you feel sad, you can wear the pin.  Then, anyone who comes in contact with you knows you are more down than usual and you need extra support that day.  The pin is perfect  to wear at work or around your family or friends.  They will know exactly when you need extra support without you having to say a word.