Massacre in Washington State

December 2, 2009
The tragic shooting of four Lakewood, Washington police officers has disturbed us since we first heard about it on Sunday.  Growing up in a law enforcement family, we can't imagine what the families and fellow officers in the department are experiencing.  Their emotions must be running from anger to disbelief to utter sadness.  How can something so tragic happen in America?

Law enforcement officers are trained to react and respond to those who break the law.  A speeder.  A drunk driver. A response to a 911 phone call.  A call for help.  They can't predict the future or criminals' behavior.  When those four officers arrived at the coffee shop at 8:15 a.m, they were just beginning a typical Sunday workday in a familiar neighborhood.  They could have never anticipated being murdered in a place so usual, so routine.  

And, now their community begins to mourn and follow the rituals of law enforcement. The silent watch over the officers' bodies until their burial.  The black band on their badges. The pipers playing bag pipes.  The memorial of flowers and candles bearing notes of love and prayer. The procession of police cars and fire trucks with lights ablaze. The officers' names etched in stone at a memorial in Olympia, WA and Washington D.C.

These officers were murdered in the line of duty in a unimaginable way.  Their absence from our lives should make us all question why.  How can something so brazen, so disgusting, so unnecessary happen in our present time?  

To donate to the officers' families, please visit   For up-to-date information on the officers from Lakewood, visit

This poem was written by our father Police Chief James T. McBride in 1994 and we post it here in memorial to the four officers killed in the line of duty.

We Honor Our Fallen!

We honor all our fallen ones,
Brave heroes one and all;
Killed in the line of duty,
On deadly final calls.

We honor them with music.
We build them walls of stone.
We honor them each time we march.
We claim them as out own.

We honor all of fallen ones.
We honor their brave ways.
We lay them down with honors.
We honor them today.

The names of all our fallen ones,
Will live on through the years.
We honor them with special prayers.
We honor them with our tears.

May they forever rest in peace.