When Grief Overwhelms Your Life

April 26, 2012
Sometimes, when we grieve, it can feel overwhelming. The pain stings deep into your soul. It seems like there's no stopping it. Maybe you think thoughts like "this will never end" or "why is everyone else still living life when I'm stuck in this painful life experience?" At Luna's Light, we believe that in order to "get past" the grief, you need to feel it, honor it. And then, slowly, let it go and learn how you can go on without that person who meant so much to you.
So many people try and pretend it really isn't that bad. "I shouldn't be feeling this much pain 6 months later." a friend mentioned to us. Really? There's no need to judge. If you loved the person, then that's all that matters. Now it is just time to love yourself as much as you loved them and give yourself permission to heal.