My Cat's Epitaph

November 28, 2009
As a follow-up to my last blog, here is my epitaph for my dearest kitty Glock.  I plan to incorporate it in the urn that I plan to make at Spirit of Clay art studio very soon.  I hope the epitaph provides inspiration for anyone else out there who has lost their beloved pet.  Losing a pet can be very difficult.  Like myself, many of our customers dearly miss their departed animal companion.  Sometimes approaching loss creatively can really help!      -  Michele
To my dear Kitty Glock
Wild Cat
Scratched us with your wicked nails
Scowled and barked at friendly fans
Traveled the country again and again
Fought German Shepherds and won
Lived in the woods and laid in the rain
Licking your paws now in peace



posted December 6, 2009 by Joy Pahls
Michele..i remember the day you got Glock.That kitten had a fierce spirit!!..Somewhat like you:)...I am sorry to hear that Glock has past.You have shared a wonderful life with that kitty..hope all is well with you. I came across this website thru your sisters invitation on glad it did. Take care of yourself..and i just wanted you to know that I am so sorry to hear of Glocks passing...Joy Pahls (Nemitz)

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