About Luna's Light

Luna's Light Sympathy Gift Boutique was founded in 2005 by Michele & Kelly McBride in remembrance of their youngest sister Shannon. The company is now operated by Kelly McBride. 

Kelly manages all internal day-to-day operations and manages product distribution and sales.  Kelly has a B.A. in psychology from Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and was accepted into the National Honor Society of Psychology. She also has an A.A. from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She is trained and certified in trauma and conflict mediation and is in the process of completing her art therapy/counseling master's degree. 

Our Journey

In the spring of 2003, Kelly was planning her wedding scheduled for June 2004. However, in July of 2003, Shannon, our youngest sister, unexpectedly died from complications after tonsillectomy surgery. Our entire world stopped and our joy turned to unimaginable tears.

Shannon was 22 years old at the time of her death, and because the surgery was "routine", no one expected to bury her two weeks later. Our home was filled with friends and family and beautiful arrangements of flowers. Hundreds of cards came in the mail. Her church service was echoed by the sad tune of the bagpipes. The funeral procession was over a mile long with police blocking intersections. Her casket was placed delicately in the wall of a mausoleum - for we couldn't bear the thought of her beneath the cold earth. Family and friends gathered at the local party center to talk about memories and then left saying, "If you need anything, let me know." With the funeral over and her body buried, her bedroom empty and silent, with dying flowers, and cards offering only cliché and repetitive hollow script, we felt more alone than ever. We now had the difficult task of learning to live without my sister's physical presence.

A few months after Shannon's death, we were overcome by grief and felt the need to wear something on our bodies to signify the loss - especially on the day of returning to work or in other social situations. We could not find the products we wanted in any retail store, so we began brainstorming ideas of products to help with this unexpected transition. We   began researching bereavement gifts and was amazed by the lack of comfort gifts in the marketplace - especially a grieving symbol.

Luna's Light is named after our sister Shannon. Her nickname was "Luna", which in Spanish means moon. I felt if I added the word "Light", it would mean moonlight and symbolically represent Shannon's light. Even though we can't see her, we feel Shannon is always with us. Thus, we find a parallel to the moon, as it too is always there, even on the darkest night.


Shannon McBride was born in September of 1980 in South Euclid, Ohio and was the youngest of three sisters. She followed in her sisters' footsteps and graduated from Brush High School in 1998. At the time of her death, she was employed by Progressive Insurance as a claims contact representative and was planning to attend a four-year college to complete a business administration degree. She was two months shy of her twenty-third birthday when she died.

Shannon was very modest and even a bit shy - except when she was on the volleyball court or softball field. She was a member of Lakeland Community College's women's volleyball team in 1998. That year, they won the state championship and she ranked in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Top Ten for Kill Percentage (.38 season). In 1999, she was named the NJCAA Regional MVP (Most Valuable Player). Shannon also excelled as a "lefty" pitcher in Slow Pitch softball and led teams to numerous championships, most recently the 2002 Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Adult Co-Ed Softball League Championship.

Shannon was a charter member of the Greater Cleveland Police Emerald Society (an Irish-American law enforcement association) and also a member of the Greater Cleveland Police Memorial Society. As a teenager, she was a drummer in the Memorial Society pipe band and marched in many funerals, parades, and memorials. Her favorite marches were the National Conference of Law Enforcement Emerald Societies Memorial Marches and Services in Washington, D.C. and the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland. Because she was a charter member of the Greater Cleveland Police Emerald Society and Memorial Society, she was buried with the honors equivalent to a fallen officer and had a police escort from the funeral home to the cemetery over one mile long. It is estimated that over 1,500 people visited the family during the funeral.

Shannon had long, blonde hair and gray-blue eyes with a beautiful smile that would light up a room. She loved to shop - and left behind piles of clothes with the tags still on! In her spare time, she was very artistic and crafted handmade beaded jewelry and ceramic sculptures. She was a renown gift giver in our family, always creating or going out of her way to prepare something for a birthday, holiday or just because. Her spirit was intense. Her soul was simple. She was the perfect friend, as she always was there in good times and bad, and held tightly to her core values and beliefs. Shannon taught us more than we ever needed to know. She is our inspiration. And forever, she is always with us, "even on the darkest night."